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Blue Streak Pro 200 Dye Tablets Detect Silent Leak Bulk in EZ Pour detection

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  • Instructions printed in English & Spanish
  • Detect silent leaks 200 Pack
  • Saves costly plumbing repairs
  • Simple home repair
  • Easy to Use - Non-Toxic
  • Easily check toilets for silent leaks that can waste thousands of galleons of water with our handy Blue Streak dye tablet dispensing container. This bulk container is ideal for plumbers, janitors, and hotel maintenance engineers. To use, simply shake a tablet into the tank. If a blue color appears in the bowl after a few minutes, you have a leak and repairs should be made. By catching leaks, you can save on water and sewer costs. Each bottle contains 200 tablets, enough to check up to 200 toilets at less than 12 cents per toilet. This cost effectiveness makes our 200 tablet bottle perfect for plumbers, property managers, hotel maintenance engineers, janitors, and anyone else responsible for large numbers of toilets. Our tablets are safe and made with non-toxic FD&C blue food coloring. Brilliant Blue Dye Leak Detection Tablets are a highly potent dye tablet for use in tracing water leaks, following water lines, examining water currents, etc.

  • Be Sure to Buy the ORIGINAL NRG Leak Detecting Tablets! Don't get cheap imitations! -NRG Tablets provide a strong visual for easy detection------Save money and save water by detecting silent leaks with our package of 2 dye tablets. Simply drop tablet in tank and know in a few moments if a repair needs to be made. Tablets are non-toxic and FD&C safe. Instructions in English and Spanish. One of the most effective water conservation measures you can take. Dye tablet 10 pack. ---------NRG Authentic tablets have a strong blue visual! -----NRG is an WaterSense Listed partner, be sure to look for the label.