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Stans Slip Fishing Bobber 51 Red

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  • MADE IN U.S.A.
  • 1 Medium Red Stan's Size #51 Bobber
  • 3-inch Stem with Nickel Steel Top and Bottom
  • 1.47" x .87" oval bobber With EXTRA weight for Casting Distance
  • Excellent for all Panfish

"STAN'S DIFFERENCE" Stan's Slip Bobbers now have a metal top and a metal bottom.

The metal top will never wear out and this unique feature

eliminates the need for a plastic bead in the line ahead of the bobber stem.

The .038" hole in the top allows the line to pass through freely; is small enough to stop the movable line knot;

and allows your bait to quickly fall to your desired fishing depth.

The new removable metal bottom allows for easier line insertion and protects the stem from line wear.

Style                   #51
Length                3-inch stem
Body Shape        Oval
Color                   Red
Species               All pan fish